Charities and CICs

Making impact simpler

You’re made for impact and so are we. Let’s work together to achieve the funding, visibility and positive change your organisation was founded on.

The most common challenges we see from all the charities & CICs we work with are:

  • Needing access to funding & sponsorships to increase their impact
  • Finding the time & resources to showcase what they do
  • Not knowing how to effectively reach & help more service users
  • Stakeholder engagement and long term partnerships
  • Not effectively measuring or communicating the impact they already make
At Made for Impact, we address all of these core challenges in unison, rather than as individual pieces of work. We’re your outsourced department for impact measurement, sponsorship & partnerships and content strategy & development.

The results?

  • A custom-created strategy that attracts and retains sponsors, partners and talent
  • Financial sustainability for an even bigger impact
  • Freeing your time up so you can do what you do best
  • Automated, tracked and well-communicated impact measurements
  • A bigger impact on more end service users

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Why we support charities and CICs

We started Made for Impact because we noticed many charities and CICs were doing amazing work, but not showcasing it in the best possible light. We could see that this was due to a lack of time, resources or skills – time, resources and skills that we do have!

Working with charities wasn’t a decision we even had to make. We are constantly inspired by the good work charities do in the communities and it drives us to get involved. We’d worked in the sector previously, and always surround ourselves with people and organisations who are doing good and making a positive impact.
We now have an office at Knowle West Media Centre (KWMC), a vibrant hub of impact-led activity. So every day we’re surrounded by reminders of all the reasons we started working in the charity & sector in the first place – it’s a perfect home for us!

Our favourite thing about working with charities and CICs is the emotional attachment we form with every single project. Our mission is to get people to care, react & act – three things charities and CICs excel at.

How we support you

Our methodology has been tested and refined over almost a decade, we leverage each service and take advantage of digital opportunities to meet your organisations objectives.

How we showcase & improve your impact

Charity video production

Creating videos that inspire your audience to care, react and act.

Charity websites that convert

Website not doing your good work justice? We’d love to help.

Charity animation

Simplifying complex ideas into beautifully designed, easy to understand animation.

Charity brand strategy & identity

Creating a consistent brand look and feel that communicates your ethos & objectives.

Charity photography

With over a decade of photography experience, we know how to capture images that tell stories and capture hearts.

Charity graphic design

We provide a variety of graphic design for print and web that make a positive impact, so you can too.

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