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Sponsorship packages that attract and activate partners, to create sustained impact for your charity.

Your primary objective as a charitable organisation is to create the maximum possible impact. However, the day-to-day juggle of running a charity means that the reality doesn’t always match your goals.

The majority of charities we speak to are experiencing one (or more) of the following:

  • Struggling with the need to balance commercial sustainability with the daily demands of running a charity
  • The feeling of not providing enough value or tangible benefits to their sponsors and partners
  • No time, skills or resources to dedicate to creating a clear strategy to attract new sponsorship opportunities.

These challenges lead to:

  • Feeling out of control of the commercial viability of your organisation
  • Dwindling funds, meaning less freedom to showcase your impact and make a bigger difference
  • Sponsors who feel like they’re just giving handouts, rather than a mutually beneficial relationship
  • Feeling overwhelmed with the need for balance between impact & commercial focus

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End results

  • Increase revenue
  • Better relationships with your sponsors
  • Increased awareness with both businesses and the general public
  • Lots of marketing content to share your story and impact across socials & website
  • Be proud and confident when showcasing your charity
  • Increase value for sponsors
  • Look more professional and trustworthy
  • Most importantly, increase your impact and reach more service users.

The three stages

As we’re sure you know, there’s more to sponsorship than getting money in the door.

For everybody involved to get the absolute best from a sponsorship agreement, you need to focus on three crucial stages (and this is where we come in!)

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As a charity, you absolutely have to be commercially sustainable to create the long-lasting impact you set out to make.

By having access to unrestricted funds, you can attract opportunities, market yourself better, hire amazing people and help more people.

That’s why stage 1 of our sponsorship packages is the Attract stage.

Together we:
  • Show your organisation’s unique story
  • Increase awareness of your work
  • Create interest and inspire action
  • Engage sponsors by demonstrating your existing impact and showing how further funding can help
  • Build positive relationships


The Act stage is when things get exciting. It’s all about cementing relationships and bringing all the value to your newly-acquired sponsors.

Once your sponsors are on board, we create a bespoke plan to help you:
  • Increase your sponsors
  • Provide value to sponsors
  • Help sponsors tap into a higher purpose
  • Communicate that purpose clearly & effectively
  • Show them ways they can use your partnership to attract & retain talent
  • Increase brand visibility & awareness for both parties, by showcasing the partnership in a way that taps into one another’s networks.
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Now it’s time to celebrate your achievements and share the impact your charity has made with the support of your sponsors.

We highlight the impact you’ve made with impact reports, social media content, videos, case studies and animation.

This will help you to:
  • Show the value of sponsorships to the charity & those you help
  • Demonstrate impact
  • Expand and generate further interest, which in turn will…
  • …attract more sponsorship!

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