Filwood Community Centre – Community led branding

Rebranding a local hub, Filwood Community Centre


We Care Home Improvements is a charity that helps people live comfortably and independently at home for as long as they choose, enabling them to enjoy their lives in the surroundings they love.

Charity brand identity fit for purpose

Filwood Community Centre had ambitions to grow their events programme and become a cultural hub for South Bristol.

Feedback on their previous logo was that it looked too ‘kiddy’ with the primary colours and was often mistaken for a school.

Collaborating with Filwood Community Centre, we wanted to create a dynamic brand that ignites excitement and curiosity for the locals, funders and key stakeholders.

  • Brand workshops
  • Established user personas to help shape the brand
  • Collection of community feedback
  • Brand guidelines

How we approached the redesign

Together with Emm, the Chief Operating Officer, we created user personas to get a sense of what people love about Filwood, and find out their expectations, objections, and user journeys. This allowed us to see how the charity are currently perceived, and create connection to the audience.

After brainstorming several ideas, we proceeded to sketch out various concepts and engaged in a thorough discussion of each before ultimately reaching a consensus on the final logo. Following the agreement, we made some final tweaks to perfect the design.

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