Grassroot Communities – Attracting funds for a new programme

Increasing sponsorships for community projects

Raised in new sponsorship

Case studies

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Grassroot Communities is a community-based, non profit organisation that empowers young people from disadvantaged backgrounds to reach their full potential.

finding sponsors to help fund their new Programme (GAP).

Grassroot Communities needed to find sponsors to help fund their new Grassroots Activators Programme (GAP).

We shot a video to showcase during a round table to engage businesses in the local area of Bristol. The purpose of the video was to raise awareness of the problems facing the Young People in Bristol and share the impact their funding could provide, based on experts feedback and opinions.

The results

The videos and photos have helped Grassroot communities widen their reach with articles published on the Bristol Post website and the Bristol 24/7 website.

New sponsors


Demonstrating the impact of the programme with case studies

We followed each of the participants during their journey on the Grassroot Activators Programme. They shared how they felt at the start, and what they aspired to be and what their passions were. We witnessed how they achieved their goals, through their own personal experiences and external accounts from people around them.

Evidencing feedback for the programme

It was important to collect feedback on the programme to share learnings with partners, sponsors and staff to keep growing the programme.

Recruitment videos

We created recruitment videos to engage young people to enquire about the next GAP cohort.

The what really matters podcast

Do young people really have their voices heard? Do adults, professionals and decision makers really listen to young people without an agenda? Is anyone interested about ‘What Really Matters’ to young people today and for their future?

This podcast series is a collaboration of Grassroot Communities and Made for Impact, which provides a platform for young people’s voices to be heard and to identify what really matters to them and why.

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