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Helping the elderly live independently in their own home

Increase in website engagement

Upon our appointment, We Care overhauled their operations. It became apparent that they underutilised their handyperson service, crucial for income diversification. Additionally, they grappled with excessive time spent fielding enquiries due to their website’s ineffective communication of the charity’s mission and services.


We Care Home Improvements is a charity that helps people live comfortably and independently at home for as long as they choose, enabling them to enjoy their lives in the surroundings they love.

Bringing focus to We Care’s offer and rebranding

In the process of rebranding, We Care sought our expertise to align their visual identity with their new direction. We captured captivating photography and provided We Care with a user-friendly website that they could easily manage and update on their own.

We focused on showcasing We Care’s offerings more effectively. By strategically improving call-to-action elements throughout the site, we aimed to optimise user engagement. Moreover, we emphasised the importance of highlighting their services and the exceptional quality they provide. We undertook a comprehensive restructuring of their website, prioritising their most popular services. We also dedicated a brand-new section specifically tailored for health professionals, expanding We Care’s reach within the industry.

To further elevate We Care’s credibility and approachability, we conducted multiple professional photoshoots. These sessions enabled us to capture captivating images that were subsequently featured on their website and marketing materials. By showcasing We Care’s compassionate and friendly demeanour, these visuals played a significant role in enhancing their overall brand perception.

  • Site structure and plan
  • Target audience research
  • User experience design
  • Copywriting
  • Conversion tracking
  • Website photography

The Process

We discussed their needs for the new website, including what new areas could help them. Here are some new content areas we explored:

  • Help & Advice section where users can self research
  • New bathrooms page
  • Resource centre
  • For health professionals section to increase referrals from the sector

We helped create a new site structure, and after planning had been completed, we moved on to wireframes based on the project objectives and showing the new website navigation and content pages. This also helped us decide which photographs we needed to shoot on the photoshoot days.
Visual designs were then created so they could provide any further feedback on their website, before finally being coded into a WordPress theme.

The results

Increase in website engagement

The user experience was vastly improved, with a new navigation and content architecture making it easier for users to find the content they need. In addition to the new sections, this lead to a 40% increase in page views per visitor.

One main area of improvement is the bathrooms page. This new rich content page provides all the information required in an easy to read and understand format with a clear call to action leading to more bathroom enquiries.

The new website is responsive, looks great and functions well on all devices. The previous website was not mobile-friendly, and with just under 50% of We Care’s traffic using mobile devices, this change has meant more users can find the content they are looking for and easily find the call to actions, such as getting a quote or contacting the team.
The newly developed website and extensive photo library takes a lot of stress away, and has time-saving benefits for the client, empowering their team to effortlessly make edits and updates to their website.

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