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Empowering families for life


EveryFAMILY aim to improve the education and development of babies and young children by providing family support services, community groups and nursery and preschool care.

They also lead the Bristol-wide initiative to support children affected by parental offending (CAPO)

The Objective

Create a compelling video showcasing the impact of EveryFamily’s services over the past year, presented at their annual gala dinner and charity auction, aiming to effectively communicate their range of services, emotionally engage the audience, and drive action to support their mission.

The challenge

One of the major challenges faced by EveryFamily was effectively communicating their extensive range of services clearly and concisely. With a diverse range of offerings, it was essential to ensure that the audience fully understood the impact and scope of EveryFamily’s work.

The availability of quantitative data proved to be limited, posing an additional hurdle in illustrating EveryFamily’s impact. To address this, we balanced the narrative with qualitative data shaped by personal interviews and individuals’ experiences. This approach allowed us to provide tangible evidence of EveryFamily’s impact while capturing the human element behind the statistics, fostering a deeper understanding and connection with the audience.

With a diverse clientele facing various challenges, it was essential to handle these narratives with sensitivity and respect, ensuring the dignity and privacy of those involved.

Furthermore, amidst the plethora of personal anecdotes and testimonials gathered, the task of simplifying the narrative emerged as a significant challenge. With input from numerous individuals, each with their own unique experiences and perspectives, it was crucial to distil the essence of their stories into a cohesive and compelling message that resonated with the audience.

Made for Impact collaborated with EveryFamily to create a comprehensive framework for their video, focusing on targeting the intended audience and crafting a compelling call to action. We guided EveryFamily in formulating interview questions to capture impactful content while aligning with their messaging.


Impactful video

The video was premiered at the annual gala dinner and has already proved a valuable asset.

  • Attracted significant income
  • Powerful tool for fundraising
  • Stakeholders feel proud
  • Communicates what EveryFAMILY does

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