The image depicts a person using a laptop at a round black table, accompanied by a brown cup of coffee. The laptop screen shows a charity website for Elmbridge Mencap. The webpage featuring Burview Hall, with sections for Family Fun, Youth Club, and Nova Club, each with video thumbnails and play buttons. The description mentions the hall’s facilities, such as a large hall with a kitchen, a games room, and a sensory room, highlighting its benefits for various community groups, including those with learning or other disabilities.

Elmbridge Mencap – Improving Charity Comms

Demonstrating Impact and improving communication for Elmbridge Mencap

Elmbridge Mencap Charity Logo


Elmbridge Mencap helps enrich the lives of all people with learning disabilities and supports children and adults, together with their parents and carers in Elmbridge and the surrounding areas.

Bringing Elmbridge Mencap to Life: Communicating Their Mission and Impact

We partnered with Elmbridge Mencap to craft an engaging content marketing strategy and rejuvenate their website, showcasing the charity’s impactful work to attract new supporters and secure additional funding.

  • Content marketing strategy including 15 videos and a photoshoot
  • Charity photography
  • Charity videography
  • Charity website design
  • Conversion tracking
This graphic features an overview of Elmbridge Mencap’s Burview Hall webpage. The main content includes sections for videos and photos showcasing the hall’s facilities. Key highlights include:
 •	A screenshot of the Burview Hall webpage with a video tour hosted by Veronica.
 •	A close-up of a smiling woman with curly hair, representing Elmbridge Mencap.
 •	Indicators showing the availability of 15 videos and over 80 photos related to Burview Hall.
 •	Thumbnails of the hall’s facilities, including the Sensory Room, Interactive Relaxation Space, and outdoor activities.
This visual representation emphasises the extensive multimedia content available to highlight the charity’s work and the hall’s amenities.

Charity website design for Elmbridge Mencap

A custom website was developed for the non-profit organisation, significantly enhancing the user experience by placing their activities front and center. The introduction of a new booking form for venue hire has streamlined the process, saving valuable time for staff members. Additionally, the website now features a stronger emphasis on videos and photographs to better showcase their work and engage the community, driving conversions for bookings and donations.

Homepage before and after

Homepage before and after

Charity Videography for engagement

We helped Elmbridge Mencap plan, record and edit a series of 15 videos as part of their content marketing strategy. The goal was to clearly communicate the charity’s mission, projects, and needs. These videos helped increase reach, boost donations, and build trust, ultimately expanding their supporter base.

About Elmbridge Mencap video

Case study video 1

Case study video 2

Day service video

Volunteer drive video 1

Volunteer drive video 2

Charity Photography for storytelling

We developed a comprehensive shoot list to create a photo library for Elmbridge Mencap’s marketing needs. The images capture Burview Hall in action, their new day service, and stills of the venue for hire promotion. This photo bank helps connect with viewers, provides visual proof of impact for PR and media opportunities, and appeals to a wide audience.

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