NWR (National Women’s Register) – Increasing membership

Bringing women together to create meaningful connections


National Women’s Register is a charity that helps women share and explore ideas, experiences and conversations in friendly and welcoming groups across the UK.

Increasing membership

numbers for NWR

After recently celebrating 60 years of NWR, the organisation wanted to expand their membership numbers by showcasing their offer, improving trust, and re-thinking their digital presence.

Here’s the short version of how we did it:

  • Headshot photos for existing members
  • Photoshoot at the NWR National Conference in Birmingham to:
    • Increase visibility
    • Provide authentic representation
    • Create emotional connection with candid moments highlighting the camaraderie and sense of community
    • Increase word of mouth, leveraging the social networks of existing members to attract new signups
    • Create a library of content for promotional materials
  • Improve the usability of the website, revamping the search features for local groups and presenting the membership offer in an enticing way.

Charity website design for NWR

Reducing admin time, paper usage and boosting memberships numbers.

A custom website was crafted for the non-profit organisation, which involved several creative explorations of how we could revamp the branding on the website. New typography and brand elements such as hand-drawn elements were added, creating a more organic and welcoming feel.

Boosting memberships numbers

Previously, NWR’s website lacked the capability for visitors to join as members and make payments online. Instead, they had to complete a paper form and mail it to the charity’s offices. This additional step deterred potential new members from signing up.

Improved user experience and self research

With the new website, users can effortlessly explore their local groups, access comprehensive information about upcoming events and group details.

Reducing admin time

We worked with NWR to streamline their new online registration and payment system, to create a solution that worked for NWR and their users. Automating a lot of the admin work, to free up time, enabling NWR to work on what matters. These website enhancements have significantly reduced barriers, resulting in a substantial increase in membership.

Charity event photography for NWR

We attended NWR National Conference, a charity event, to capture candid moments and showcase the vibrant community and remarkable members through photography. These photographs have been stored in a secure library accessible to their team, and they have been effectively utilised across various marketing channels, such as social media and the charity’s website. By leveraging these images, the charity aims to establish an emotional connection with the audience, harness the influence of their members’ social media accounts, and ultimately attract new signups.

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