Your organisation’s impact is its biggest selling point

Helping you measure, track and clearly present your impact, so you can build on it year-on-year.

The impact you make, and want to make, is at the very heart of what you do. So why is it currently lurking in the shadows, not proudly parading itself like a peacock, through every piece of content you create, every conversation you have?
9/10 of the charities & purposeful brands we work with have 5 common impact roadblocks before we get started.

They don’t:

  • Have quantifiable impact measurements
  • Know which aspects of their impact to track
  • Have a clear, easy way to showcase their impact
  • Aren’t sure how & where to communicate the measurements
  • Have a strategy that brings together the data & content for year-on-year improvement

If this sounds like you, you probably already know your impact could be working harder for you.

Without a clear idea of the tangible good you’re doing, and how to improve & communicate it, you’re leaving money and positive impact on the table.

This results in:

  • Disengaged partners & sponsors
  • Unmotivated, disconnected employees
  • Impact at a standstill, rather than growing

Impact’s the thing that underpins your entire organisation. It deserves to be out there, loud and proud, telling your story, showcasing your strengths and crucially, driving an even bigger impact.

Let’s talk impact (it’s our favourite subject).

A Healthwatch employee gathers data from NHS nurses working at a local hospital

Our four-step process

Impact measurement sounds lengthy and time-consuming. But our impact reporting roadmap makes it way simpler than you’d imagine.



This is where we really get to know you! We assess where you currently are, evaluate the progress you’ve made to date, and offer a solution that helps you move forward with purpose.



During this phase, we bring together all the data we’ve collected and input it into your personalised impact dashboard.



The really clever part! Wherever we can, we make data collection & communication as automatic as possible, saving you time and energy.



Here’s where we get to showcase your impact with stakeholders, potential sponsors, supporters and fans. Your impact deserves the limelight!

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