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How to attract sponsors and partnerships for your charity and how to empower your community

We talk with Zak Dugdale of Hartcliffe and Withywood Community Partnership (HWCP) as we explore the journey of turning a sports session for young people into one of the largest Premier League kicks sessions, all thanks to a meaningful partnership with the Robbins Foundation.

Children celebrate during a Premier League kicks session held by Hartcliffe Withywood Community Partnership, partnered by Bristol Sport Community Foundation

Discover the ripple effect of this collaboration, from boosting engagement among young people to creating opportunities that extend to trials for the England team.

Learn how the organisation addresses the unique challenges of a deprived area, building trust and ensuring sustainability by actively involving the community. Our chat sheds light on the transformation of community members into leaders, driving activities and contributing to the success stories that define the impact of purposeful business.

As the conversation unfolds, gain insights into the strategies employed to measure impact beyond numbers, emphasising the importance of community-led initiatives and fostering partnerships. Zak passionately shares how being heard and providing opportunities can create a positive change that lasts.

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