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Creative Ways to Celebrate Your Charity’s Trustees

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Did you know that there are almost one million trustees in England and Wales who donate their time for an estimated value of £3.5 billion a year? That’s some serious dedication! It’s Trustees Week this week, but you don’t have to limit your appreciation to just this week.

Celebrate your trustees with these ideas:

Trustee Spotlight Series

Share the stories of your trustees through a series of videos, blog posts, social media features or even on your charity’s about page on your website. Your trustees can share why and how they support your cause, what they enjoy, and stories of their time as trustees. A staff member who has worked with the trustees closely could share their insights and talk about the direct impact the trustee has had. Showcasing your trustees on your website is an excellent way to be open with the public and build additional trust.

Trustee takeover

Your organisation could host a trustee takeover day or week on social media or your email newsletter for a personal and authentic viewpoint. Trustees can share their experiences, answer questions, and offer their own thoughts on the impact the charity is having. A good mix of stories, reels and posts would provide variety and allow for plenty of experimenting. This is also a great way to get some great ‘behind the scenes’ or ‘day in the life of a trustee’ content that can potentially inspire others to join and create more impact.

Thank you video montage & cards

Gather up some heartwarming messages from staff, beneficiaries, and other trustees expressing their gratitude. Compile these to create a video montage that creates a unique and heartwarming video montage that’s guaranteed to make them feel valued! Share the love on social media or your website, and celebrate! You can also build this appreciation into trustee meetings.

Trustee Awards

If your trustees are meeting up anytime soon, e.g. for a Christmas Party, adding a trustee awards element could be a way to help celebrate the great work they do. It doesn’t need to be anything fancy, and you don’t need to have a huge vote. You can think of something unique each trustee brings and celebrate them.

Impact Infographics

If you ask a trustee why they are a trustee, it’s likely they will say something about believing in the cause and wanting to make a difference. Why not show them the difference they are making by sending out impact reports or infographics? You could even ask them how they feel about the impact they’ve helped to make and what impact they would like to see in the future.

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