5 Christmas fundraising campaign and activity ideas for charities

A young child is wearing a coat in winter and is surrounded by Christmas trees.

December is just around the corner, and that means the season of giving is in full swing! It’s that time of year when hearts are a little warmer, and the spirit of generosity is in the air. If you’re looking to get your charity noticed, we’ve got you covered with five simple and effective fundraising ideas.

Host a Festive Christmas Countdown

Illuminated countdown to Christmas showing 5 days on signboard placed on roof of building on dark street during holiday

A delightful Christmas countdown campaign can truly light up your holiday season! Digital advent calendars make for fantastic engagement boosters and are perfect for your website and social media platforms. Craft a plan with 24 days of heartwarming content, ranging from captivating photos and heartening videos to inspiring stories and touching case studies.

Consider teaming up with local businesses to sprinkle some extra joy. They can offer small gifts or vouchers to be given away as part of a raffle or encourage contributions to the advent campaign. The more donations roll in, the more magical the prizes can become as you hit key milestones. Plus, don’t forget that local businesses can join in on the promotion, spreading the holiday spirit even further!

Spread Holiday Joy with Christmas Cards

Handmade Christmas Greeting Cards on Wooden Table

Do you have a creative gem within your team? It’s the perfect season to tap into their talents for some extra fundraising fun! If you’re short on time or design skills, worry not – there’s still a wonderful opportunity. Explore design templates on Canva that can be easily personalized, or consider collaborating with local artists to infuse your cards with unique charm.

While we’re on the topic of collaboration, you might strike gold with a local printer or nearby shops willing to lend a hand.

For those who prefer a more budget-friendly and eco-conscious approach, consider the delightful option of e-cards to share the holiday spirit far and wide.

Inspire with Heartwarming Success Stories

You can truly feel the Christmas magic when those beloved Coca-Cola and John Lewis adverts grace our screens. One of the secrets to their success is their ability to tug at our heartstrings.

To usher people into the holiday spirit, why not share touching and uplifting stories? Showcase how your charitable efforts have made a difference in people’s lives over the past year or more. If you have tangible data showcasing the impact of your work, it can work wonders in conveying the magnitude of your positive influence.

Transform One-Time Givers into Long-term Change-Makers

Why not plant the seeds of lasting change in the hearts of one-time donors? If you accept online donations, consider using a special landing page after their initial contribution, kindly inquiring if they’d like to make their support a regular, ongoing commitment.

Get them hooked on your charity’s incredible work by sharing heartwarming stories and spotlighting the tangible impact you’ve achieved. You can even extend the invitation to assist in other ways, such as volunteering or signing up for a fundraising pack.

If your charity doesn’t currently offer online donation options, don’t fret! We’ve got your back. Check out our guide on the best donation platforms here.

Celebrate the Season at Christmas Parties!

Who doesn’t love a Christmas party? It’s the perfect time to spread festive cheer, make some new friends, and potentially cultivate long-term support by joining in the festivities.

Reach out to local businesses and event organisers, and see if they’d be open to providing you with a platform to share your mission. Perhaps you could even surprise the attendees with a heartwarming video that connects them to your cause. For some extra fundraising, consider running a raffle or hosting a silent auction at these events. The generosity might not stop there – the company hosting the event might be willing to match the funds you raise, doubling the impact of your efforts.

Remember, it’s not limited to just business Christmas parties. Keep an eye out for other community events where you can engage with potential supporters.

From creative Christmas card sales to touching success stories that warm the heart, there’s a world of opportunity to embrace the spirit of giving and create a lasting impact. Why not share with us your Christmas campaigns and ideas? Or, if you are a little stuck feel free to get in touch.

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