Assisting charities in measuring and showcasing their impact

We collaborate closely with charitable organisations that want to grow and improve their impact by delivering results-driven marketing strategy & content.

The #1 frustration we hear from charities and purposeful businesses is that they know they have the potential to make an even bigger impact, but they lack:

  • The data to back up their impact claims & demonstrate the good they do
  • A solid strategic plan that attracts opportunities, leads & top talent
  • Content that converts casual on-the-fence-ers into paying customers, sponsors, partners and fans

If you’re nodding wildly right now, this part’s for you…

Left unresolved, these challenges lead to a vicious cycle of dwindling attention, reduced income and a smaller impact than you know you can make, if only you had the key building blocks in place.
In short: you’re not capitalising on the one thing you’ve set out to do: maximise your impact potential. 

What would change for you & your organisation if you could:
  • Measure, track, showcase and improve your positive impact with confidence?
  • Have a strategy that brings together your mission and your unique vision?
  • Create scroll-stopping content that highlights your strengths, amplifies your message and generates opportunities?
Sound good to you?

Thats where we come in. Ready to chat?

How we support you

Our methodology has been tested and refined over almost a decade, we leverage each service and take advantage of digital opportunities to meet your organisations objectives.

Helping your impact work harder for you

Introducing the Impact Scorecard

To help you understand and make the most of the impact you’re making, and want to make, we’ve developed a brilliant (even if we say so ourselves) tool that gathers all the impact data you need and helps you prioritise what’s most important to you.

The scorecard focuses on your organisation’s impact across these 8 key areas:

  • Impact measurement
  • Showcasing your impact
  • Strategy
  • Governance, transparency and accountability
  • People & culture
  • Marketing
  • Communication
  • Finance

With the scorecard’s help, you can clearly see what you’re doing well, where improvements can be made, and how you can bring all your impact actions together to keep building on the difference you’re making.

It might sound complicated, but the scorecard process is super simple to complete (and we’ll be on hand to help if you need it). 

Once you’ve done the initial groundwork, you’ll have a blueprint and a strategy to move forward with.

Want to find out how the impact scorecard can be embedded into your organisation?

Book your free consultation call, and we’ll show you.

Hi 👋, we’re Dougie & Sonny, AKA the founders of Made for Impact

Yes we’re twins (we knew you were wondering), and no we don’t still suck each other’s thumbs to help us go to sleep at night (thanks for that nugget of embarrassment, Mum).

We didn’t always work together, but we always knew we would. We’d like to tell you it’s because we could see into the future. 

But in reality, even before we were working side by side, we were working for similar clients, towards an identical mission and with identical values.

So Made for Impact just made sense.

Why? Because every day, we saw charities and impactful brands struggling to find the time, expertise and resources to address the frustrations that we knew were holding them back.

And we knew we could help.

Sonny and Dougie of Studio Duo

Want to see impact?

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We are Good Business Charter accredited!

Made for Impact is pleased to receive accreditation with the Good Business Charter! This accreditation recognises responsible business behaviour across ten key components. We feel that it is important to be accountable in how we do business, and by gaining accreditation, we are demonstrating our commitment to our staff, suppliers, customers and the environment. If you want to learn more, please visit the GBC website

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